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To provide an invaluable service to our clients in the medical industry.  To ensure every claim is processed accurately and through to completion.  To provide detailed reporting with accumulative data in order to promote better business decisions.  To be transparent and leaders in our field.  And to our clients we promise to go above and beyond your expectations. 

A Personal Perspective

About SMB

Small Medical Billing Service?

Why Use A Small Medical Billing Serivce I’ll be honest, small medical billing companies like Solutions For Medical Billing “SMB” do not have the means

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About SMB

Not Everyone Can Do This Job!

I am amused by the frequent misconception that revenue cycle management (RCM), aka “Medical Billing” is an easy job.  I appreciate the self-confidence and I

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Covid 19


I received an email about how this person’s life was totally upside down because of COVID 19, her business and her life were horrible, and

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SMB is a resource for providing useful information for our friends in the medical industry.  

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