I received an email about how this person’s life was totally upside down because of COVID 19, her business and her life were horrible, and she cannot keep up.   I sympathize because yes COVID 19 along with the natural disasters all around us is something I personally have never experienced in my lifetime.  It is no doubt a very tough time right now!  But so many people for reasons I do not understand, seem to think it is easier to blame other people for the problems they face day to day.  Why is that? Isn’t this a global situation?  Aren’t most of us affected by what is happening today?  Why not take responsibility and make positive and adaptive changes that will better your situation?  I have little control over the way people choose to move forward in these times, but these times are extraordinary times and I want very much for the “world” to come together.

I play music, professional drummer, and there are so many songs where the lyrics are spot on, the meaning behind the lyric make me stop and think, sometimes an epiphany, a wow moment, at least for me. Tanya Tucker’s song “Strong Enough To Bend” is an old song, but wow what a great example in today’s climate,  “There’s a tree out in the backyard, that never has been broken by the wind, and the reason it’s still standing, It was strong enough to bend”  

These are extraordinary times, take responsibility for how you choose to deal with it, your work, your personal life, there are so many ways we can make a difference, now is the time!  I have made a promise to myself, I will continually try to figure out the most positive and productive ways to take, I’ll listen to my heart, I’ll strive to take better care of myself, I’ll take responsibility for my actions, I’ll be responsible and I’ll hold dear the wellbeing of others.  I will bend!

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