Our client, Benny Wang MD, wrote in his testimony, “a medical billing service is the lifeblood of the practice”, he wrote that before we were impacted by COVID 19.  His practice along with all private practices and facilities had to act quickly, overnight in fact.  It became immediately apparent we were facing a serious situation in our lifetime; facing a pandemic with the indiscriminate strength to do significant damage to our businesses and our personal lives if we did not act fast and begin the process of getting ahead of this virus!

SMB adapted quickly, right along with our clients who had to make dramatic shifts to maintain a high level of safety to their patients.  Today, we continually implement, communicate, train, and stay in sync with the ever changing and fast paced medical industry.  Media, news, bulletins, insurance mandates, come in from many different sources, it is challenging to weed through all of the information, determine what is useful to our clients or to their patients, determine what is required or suggested and provide a high-level response.  This is what SMB does and will continue doing during this pandemic and through whatever comes next. 

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SMB is a resource for providing useful information for our friends in the medical industry.  

COVID-19: What do we know about the C.1.2 Variant?

Researchers have identified a new SARS-CoV-2 variant, which they refer to as C.1.2 Written by Annie Lennon

Manufacturing and Distributing The COVID-19 Vaccine

Pfizer consistently monitors the supply of our medicines.

Publications and External Resources

U.S. Federal Government Resources. Resources from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Resources from the Mayo Clinic. Publications.

Source for the Latest Research News

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