Clean Claims

Charges ready for processing go through levels of validation "scrubbing", we do a visual, system parameters setup scrub, submitting them to the clearhinghouse for another level of scrub and finally to the insurance for a final scrub. We evaluate all of these processes to ensure claims are clean!

Communication and Training

Communication and training between you and SMB is crucial so we implement various ways to accomplish both. Telephone conferencing, secure file sharing, screen sharing, internal tasking, encrypted emails, on-site visits.


Claim denial rates can be very high if you do not have a sufficient process in place to address and implement corrections on repetitive denials. Still, denials for medical neccessity, missing referral or pre-certifications are the main reasons why we will get denials requiring us to provide a quick appeal response.


In order to balance daily in-house receivables, bank receivables, patient portal payments we use a daily ledger that is detailed with all of the sources payments are received and from whom. This report is accessible 24/7 through our shared file and it is how our clients are able to balance money posted into the system with money received in their operation account.


We manage day to day imports of ERA's and mail in's. Money paid is setup to direct deposit into your designated account. Payments received via online credit card or mail in's are processed and tracked.

Patient Collections

More and more financial responsibility is falling on the patient making it challenging to manage patient retention and collections so we have developed processes intended to help patients understand and adopt these new standards. We send out soft statements before a final notice, patient call in's related to account questions are handled by SMB, we call patients if there are issues needing patient participation. We review accounts before going to a 3rd party collection agency.


We have developed a unique reporting system, providing easy to read monthly data with charts. Our charts provide current detail and accummaltive data for receivables and charges. Broken down by insurances and CPT codes. The information provided is invaluable for evaluating business forecasts, identifying trends, determining if you are with industry standards.

Managing Revenue!

It is important that you feel confident in your decision to trust SMB with managing your revenue.  We asked our clients to tell us what they thought about about our services and we want to share with you what they said.  


Read what our clients said about our performance.


Billing software is not only expensive, the transition from one system to another is extensive.  We know it can be the deciding factor on outsourcing your billing to SMB. We have worked in most of the leading practice management systems.  Follow this link to see the list of systems we know. 


See a list of PM Systems SMB is either using or has used, this will save your practice costs when using SMB for your billing needs.


Click on the link below and view the list of PM Systems.
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