Our team brings their expertise everyday, they are Medical Billing Specialist who are involved in decisions to better how we do business as a Revenue Cycle Management co.   They are the best in their field and  specialize in different practice management software!  

Patricia Johnson
Patricia manages clients who use Advanced MD
Yvonne Rodriguez
Yvonne manages our client using WebPractice and Medisoft
Elizabeth Hernandez
Elizabeth Uses Medisoft and WebPractice
Michelle Cleghorn
Michelle manages our clients who use eClinicalWorks
Michelle Lyon
Michelle manages clients who use eClinicalWorks

Account manager(s) are assigned to your practice, they will be responsible for overseeing the day to day billing aspect, inclusive of submitting charges after review, working clearinghouse response files, working denied insurance claims.  Processing payments from insurances and patients and much more.  In our onboarding process you will meet your account manager and all processes of their responsibilities will be outlined to fit your practice.

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