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To provide an invaluable service to our clients in the medical industry.  To ensure every claim is processed accurately and through to completion.  To provide detailed reporting with accumulative data in order to promote better business decisions.  To be transparent and leaders in our field.  And to our clients we promise to go above and beyond your expectations. 

A Personal Perspective

About SMB


SHOUT OUT TO OUR SMB TEAM I’m part owner of SMB and I’ve invested so much time and energy into this company.  There are some

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Covid 19

Staying Home Saves Lives

“The Lancet; Infectious Diseases” states those individuals who decided to stay home except for necessary activities such as buying food and medical supplies, helped slow

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Electronic Submission

If you have never setup a practice for claims submissions, electronic claims advice (ERA) or electronic funds transfer (EFT), then you are in for a

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Money Down The Drain

We are billing specialist, we manage medical claims, what goes out what comes back, what got denied, finding out why, etc and you have to

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SMB is a resource for providing useful information for our friends in the medical industry.  

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