Rest Your Mind!

I once interviewed a person who was seeking employment and one of the questions I always ask is, what is your opinion related to vacations and the importance of taking a break?  His response was he never takes vacation because he does not see the need in them.  This person was very qualified for the position, but his response did not get him the job.  I know the value of taking a break, we all need one whether you know it or not.  You are not doing anyone or yourself any favors by working until you drop.  In saying that, I am super concerned for the doctors and nurses in the medical industry directly impacted by patients with Covid 19 who require such intense care around the clock.  These doctors and nurses have been working crazy hours for months and for their sake and the sake of those who are sick, I hope they are able to take a break and rejuvenate.    Easier said than done is likely the response from many, and I will agree, it is an impossible position to be in.  Who would take over?  I understand most facilities are short staffed, there is no way medical professionals can walk away from these patients and take a break.  Still, I hope they find that time to rest because rest is essential, it gives your body time to heal, rejuvenates your mind and your soul so that when you do have to tackle some of the most unimaginable times of our lives you will be as prepared as you possibly can.  Thank you to all our front line service people, includes the brave firefighters battling uncontrollable fires, the people on the coastal areas trying to restore the cities after hurricane Laura,  All of you are saving lives every day.  I pray you find rest soon.

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