Small Medical Billing Service?

Why Use A Small Medical Billing Serivce

I’ll be honest, small medical billing companies like Solutions For Medical Billing “SMB” do not have the means to delegate to a team of managers and supervisors.  Kristi and I roll up our sleeves and work right along with our team doing that day-to-day grind whenever necessary, which has been a lot lately.  Not saying managers and supervisors who are a part of big corporations don’t roll up their sleeves, it’s different in a small business for many reasons.  SMB is more involved in the complexities that surround medical billing, we communicate effectively with our staff, our client’s staff and our providers, answering questions, evaluating and establishing streamlined processes continually.  Frankly It hurts our bottom line if claims do not get paid as much as it hurts our clients.  We ask questions like, is this a coding issue, did policy change within the payer, is the insurance accurate, do we have an insurance setup issue, is there an enrollment issue, is the provider contracted with this plan, is there a training issue?  These questions drive the success of the practice every day and we do detailed reporting each month to maintain and evaluate these very topics.  We are so good at resolving issues and getting claims paid, nothing like being able to successfully “Stop the Bleeding” and preventing the same denials that go on and on long term that literally drops thousands of dollars down the drain!   I know we are unique from larger companies; they charge less and for very good reason, a good example is you are using their practice management/EHR software, and they can add on doing your billing at a low percentage.  But think about that, they can charge you less, why because they look at the bottom line and make up the difference in a practice’s expenses by working less.  Not saying they will not work appeals, but I guarantee you they will not work them aggressively like SMB and in many cases result in a write off, a significant loss of money!  If you do not dot your I’s and cross your T’s they will adjust off the claim.  It should be something as a business owner to ponder and understand.  You could always hire someone who understands the complexities of medical billing to oversee your billing, but all of that money you thought you were saving is now being used to pay your new hire, who truthfully will end up wearing more than a medical billing hat.  The choice is simple, you decide what type of service you prefer, a billing service that comes along with your practice management software?  Or a billing service who proves to go above and beyond your expectation and a true partner who cares about your business.  SMB has proven to be there at a moment’s notice, discussing, researching, fixing, documenting, training and implementing streamline processes with your practice and our service.   SMB is worth the investment into your practice, I guarantee it!

Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

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