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Earlier this year I wrote “Shout Out” and “People Helping People” and I wanted to come back around to them because they pertain to this post.  I would like to give an example of why we have a top-notch group of people who work for us. This is just one example of many, but worth sharing because it shows the extra mile we go to for not only our doctors but for their patients.  One of our team members shared her experience of helping a senior patient understand and resolve his insurance issue.  This not only affected claims with our provider, but with other providers who this patient sees.  She said the following:

“Do y’all remember when I told you about a patient who I called to inform he needed to contact Medicare and work out his coordination of benefit issues?  His response was that he wasn’t having this issue with any other doctors’ offices.

He called me back and said he was going to have to pay because he had met his max number of visits for the year.  I really was not sure where he got this information because I had never heard this before from Medicare.  I called Medicare to get more information and I did confirm he was misinformed, and she reiterated that he needed to contact COB. I mailed a letter to him with the telephone # so he could call and resolve his COB issues.

He called again saying he was having so many problems with other offices and thanked me for helping him resolve his COB issues. Yay! I love it when I can help patients, especially seniors.”

Such a great story of how important it is to have team members who sincerely care about the well being of others.  Way to go!!

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