The Joy of List- Making

The Joy of List Making

I am a Mom of three and all too often I hear from people, “How do you do it all?” The answer is LISTS!  Grocery lists, Christmas lists, lists of errands… I have lists for everything!

On Sundays, I write out a menu plan for the week down to the snacks my kids will eat! I have lists for when we are going on trips (what to pack, snacks for the car, etc.) I leave lists for my kids to complete chores daily!

I also find that I am more productive at work with lists! There is something so satisfying about crossing things off as you complete them.

Getting a phone call in the middle of another task is no problem because I quickly jot down what needs to be done on my list. It is a great way to prioritize the work that must get done in a day!

I know that I could use my iPhone or my computer for lists, but it is not the same as physically crossing tasks off when they are completed. I also have a slight obsession with notebooks and planners!

Tonight, is Spaghetti, I have 15 phone calls to make at work today, and I have already crossed 4 items off my list!

Are you a list-maker? If yes, do you prefer paper or electronic lists?

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